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This entry will take exactly an hour.

At the moment it is currently 11:00 PM. One hour until 2005. I have good feelings for 2005. :D

I took some pictures todaayy <3 My sister did my hair and make up and.. fwee!

That one's my favorite. <3

Those two could be better. Meh.

Doot doot doot.. I like Bennie K now. It's 11:02.

I was just at the realm. I haven't been to the RoS is *ages*. It's so empty there now. T__T People are saying there's gonna be a new one, but I haven't seen it. Am I just not getting the link? >___<;;

It's 11:14. Meh.

Okay, well, I went off doing crap for a long time.

So now it's 11:57. THREE MORE MINUTES. Time for my resolutions. One for each minute.

1) Do better in school.


2) Get a boyfriend. <3


3) Be more confident.


4) Find someone who really cares for me.

Screw having just one. XD
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