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Heh, I deiced to make my journal friends only from now on. Why? No idea. Just comment to be added. :3

I don't really care who you are, but you at least have to have some similar interests. Or if you want to add my for my OH-SO wonderful icons and crap (-snort-) then yeah.. just say so. ^___^ I don't plan on turning anyone down, unless I know for a fact you're a heartless jerk.


Yeah. Example icons:
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

If you're adding for the icons and don't like any kind of japanese, korean, or chinese music you might not want to add me. That's the majority of the icons I make. -shrug-

Just comment. o__o
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Ooh! I really like the 2nd icon, Mandy. It's preeetty!
lmao XD
Psssssst. Its Dani. XD I got a new journal, so... Add me? X3
Okie. XD

Deleted comment

Added. ^___^
I usually add all my banner-makers, and I just realized that I never added you. I'm such a loser. ^^'

Can you add me back?
XD Sure.
you seem awesome mind if i add you? ^^!
Whee XD Don't mind at all. ^____^ -adds-
Do you mind if I add you?
Also, your icons are lovely ^^
:D -adds back-

Thanks. ^__^;;;
i've added you... one because i'm always willing for new friends on my list... the ones on there are getting boring.... and 2 because of yer icons. Hope you don't mind ♥
:D Don't mind at all. Added you as well. ♥

we have a lot of things in common. wise XD and I like your icons. Can I add you?
Sure. ♥
i want awesome icons yo ;) add me love?
Surely ;D ♥
I'd like to be added for your icons and any random funny you might post =)
Added! :D
Addage because your icons are pretty and we have more than ten of the same interests? 8D?
Wow.. we do have a lot of the same interests o__o. Added! :DD
add me because I seem cool and your f-ing gorgeous.
Surely! :3 Added! <3 <3
Do you mind if I add you? We have some interests in common, and I love your icon making style ^^
Don't mind at all. :DD Added you. X3
i love your icons. lets be friends :) lol

add me :)
Added! :D
awesome icons. add me?
Added. :D
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